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Keeping active over the Christmas season!

December 14, 2022

Christmas is upon us, shops are busy, social calendars are full and Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé are working hard on the radios… but as the Christmas season approaches, it can be easy to let your regular exercise routine fall by the wayside in favour of holiday parties, family gatherings, and other festive activities. Staying active and maintaining some exercise routine is going to be massively important for maintaining your overall health and wellbeing, offset some of those Christmas treats as well as enable you to start 2023 strong with existing good habits and motivation.

One way to stay active over the Christmas period is to incorporate physical activity into your holiday traditions and activities. For example, instead of just sitting down to watch a Christmas movie, you could go for a walk or a bike ride first. You could also plan a family game of touch football or basketball after your holiday meal or go ice skating together to really get into the festive spirit.

Another way to stay active during the Christmas season is to make fitness a part of your gift-giving. Consider gifting exercise passes, fitness classes, or exercise gear to your loved ones. This not only encourages them to stay active, but also gives you the opportunity to work out together and support each other in your fitness goals.

If you’re traveling during the holiday season, make sure to plan and find ways to stay active while you’re on the road. Research hotels and accommodations with fitness facilities, such as a gym or pool or simply get out for walks and bike rides and soak up some sights and culture of the place you’re staying. You could also pack some lightweight equipment such as bands or yoga gear which won’t push you over luggage allowance but give you something to use!

It’s also important to remember that staying active doesn’t always have to mean intense workouts or strenuous exercise. In fact, simple activities like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking farther away from your destination and walking, can add up and help you stay active throughout the day.

Overall, the key to staying active during the Christmas season is to make fitness a priority and find fun and creative ways to incorporate physical activity into your holiday plans. By doing so, you can enjoy the festivities while also maintaining your health and well-being.


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