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Getting into Nature

December 1, 2019

In this day and age, between time spend at home, commuting and work, we spend precious little time outdoors in nature. There is a current trend in the health industry about reverting back to nature. Exercise is good for you no matter where you do it, however there may be additional benefits in moving your workout into the outside world. Here are some reasons why!


  1. It’s free! No need to pay for those pesky set and forget gym fees or fancy equipment. All you need is a good walking trail and sturdy pair of shoes to get going!
  2. Improved mood. There’s just something about the outdoors that makes us feel better. Research shows that exercising outside can help to reduce stress, depression and improve your mood and mental clarity.
  3. Get your VD. Vitamin D is needed for strong bones, muscles and overall health. Being physically active outside increases sun exposure – which is the best natural source of vitamin D. Always remember to put on a hat and slip, slop, slap some sunscreen on!
  4. Increased motivation. Studies have found that exercise in nature may help motivation to undertake physical activity by increasing enjoyment and escapism from everyday life. There is also both social and entertainment value added when exercising outdoors.
  5. Easy for team work. Its super easy to grab some friends and start a walking group on the weekends or during your lunch break. Move those legs while you’re moving your mouths and all while catching up with friends.

Have a think about how much time you currently spend outdoors and then think of some ways that you can change this. We’ve got some simple ideas below for you!

  • Walking during your lunch break. Step away from the desk and gulp down some fresh air. What a great way to recharge your battery for the afternoon
  • Commuting to work. Sneak in a bit more activity and nature time, try mixing up your commute. Hop on your bike and cycle to work, get off the bus one stop earlier, or try parking a bit further away.
  • Go exploring. We have an abundance of national parks and nature reserves just ready to be explored. Free to enter and amazing view around every corner can help you forget all the hard exercise you’re doing!

For advice and tips, send us a message  and one of our Exercise Physiologists can give you a quick call at a time that suits you.

Happy trails!

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