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Exercise & Pregnancy

September 19, 2019

Pregnancy is an important and wonderful time for a woman, which can at times have its challenges as the body changes and transforms to support a new life. Common physical changes that occur during pregnancy include nausea which is a result of rapidly rising hormones, increased urination, fatigue, dizziness, as well as increased joint laxity. Incorporating regular exercise into your routine whilst pregnant is very important to keep you and your baby healthy as well as reducing the risk of complications during pregnancy such as gestational diabetes and hypertension. 1

Research has shown that exercise during pregnancy is associated with increased fitness, prevention of urinary incontinence and low back pain and gestational weight gain control. It is recommended that women who were previously inactive, participate in mild to moderate intensity, low impact aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week. For women who were previously active before getting pregnant, it is recommended they participate in moderate to high intensity exercise. 2

Types of exercises that are beneficial for pregnant women include:

  • Walking
  • Pilates for pregnant women
  • Strength training
  • Pelvic floor exercises

Exercises and activities to avoid whilst pregnant include:

  • Sports which are of vigorous intensity e.g. netball
  • Exercising in an overheated pool
  • Lying on your back after the 4th month of pregnancy
  • Exercise in a thermo neutral environment- your ability to regulate body temperature becomes difficult whilst pregnant

It is important to get the all clear from your general practitioner before beginning an exercise program. It is recommended that you see an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to ensure you are exercising correctly and safely.


If you would like more information or to discuss an exercise plan for you throughout your pregnancy then give us a call.


Written by

Holly Goldingay

Accredited Exercise Physiologist




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