Why you shouldn’t stop exercising over the holidays!

It’s a wonderful time of year, and in between family lunches, work parties and social events, its easy to forget the importance of exercise and health over this time.

Christmas is a time of celebration however Australia is faced by some serious health concerns. More than two thirds of our population are overweight or obese and up to 80% of us aren’t meeting the current exercise guidelines. Its no surprise that the Christmas holidays are commonly associated with a weight gain of 0.4-0.5kgs. While this may not seem like a big deal, over time this amount can creep up and contribute to both heart and metabolic disease.

Beyond physical health, exercise has a massive impact on our mental health. Changes to our diet, sleep and exercise routines can contribute to poorer mental health. Physical activity and exercise releases the feel-good chemicals in our brain called endorphins. Did you know that one hour of exercise a week can protect against depression, an hour may seem like a lot however picture an hour of something you enjoy such as walking, swimming or cycling and it becomes much easier!

Here are some simple tips to keep on top of your exercise over the holidays:
– Exercise at a convenient time such as the morning when festivities aren’t in your way yet!
– Small amounts add up! You don’t need to get all your exercise minutes in one go, get in small bouts where you can.
– Get your incidental exercise levels up. Walking in the shops, family sport and games are all great ways to keep active.
– Get family and friends involved to keep yourselves accountable and make it more fun.

Its always good to talk to your GP or an Accredited Exercise Physiologist before starting an exercise program. If you’d like more information or have any questions, feel free to give our team a call or visit the contact us page to send us a message!