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Veterans Exercise Program

Road to Recovery provides Exercise Physiology services to eligible War Veterans and War Widows. Entitled Dept Veterans Affairs clients can be referred for Exercise Physiology sessions by their General Practitioner. This is a fully funding service with no expense to you.

● Gold card holders are entitled to necessary treatment covered by DVA for all health conditions.
● White card holders are entitled to necessary treatment for certain accepted disabilities.

Not everyone can or wants to get to the gym, so exercise from your home as our Exercise Physiologists deliver this service to you at your home or convenient location. Our treatment plans are safe and supported by evidence based practice to put you on the road to recovery. Exercise Physiology can benefit those with chronic conditions and provision of post injury/illness rehabilitation to help you get back onto your feet. See the list of conditions below which benefit from exercise.

● Falls prevention and balance problems
● Diabetes
● Obesity
● Cardiovascular disease and stroke
● Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
● Cancers
● Respiratory conditions
● Anxiety and Depression
● Musculoskeletal injuries