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Private & Group Exercise Sessions

Road to Recovery provides exercise services for one on one or small group private sessions for clients looking to:

● Improve their health and fitness
● Injury recovery
● Weight loss
● Manage health conditions
● Kickstart their exercise routine

All clients undergo an initial health consultation for the purpose of obtaining medical history, finding limitations and setting goals. This is followed by a couple of health assessments so that we can track progress and measure improvement.

Training sessions are made to fit you! They can include musculoskeletal and cardiovascular conditioning, and employ resistance, plyometric and interval training methods. Sessions are always challenging and fun and exercises are adapted for all levels of fitness. Experience a major shift in how you feel, move and look by starting an exercise plan for better health. Exercise Physiology is also now widely recognized by many private health funds. However, it is advised that all clients contact their health fund prior to starting with an Exercise Physiologist to determine their eligibility and level of cover.

Whether you’re training for your next event or simply looking to improve your health or maybe lose a little weight, exercise is for everyone. Contact us to find out more!