Benefits of Exercise Physiology and Where to Find Mobile NDIS Disability Physiotherapy in Western Sydney

Exercise, when used in the correct duration and intensity, can improve the quality of life for those with disabilities and chronic health conditions. Exercise physiology can help you manage your health conditions and even prevent additional health issues or worsening of your existing condition in many cases. It can also help you feel better, move more efficiently, and function more competently on a daily basis.

What does an exercise physiologist do?

An exercise physiologist is a qualified health care professional that focuses on exercise and movement, specifically for the management and prevention of injuries, disabilities, and chronic health conditions. Patients who can benefit from mobile disability physiotherapy in Western Sydney include those with obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue and pain, pulmonary disease, and mental health conditions. Simply put, exercise physiologists help people learn to use exercise to improve their conditions and quality of life. They can provide practical exercises to perform anywhere that are tailored to the individual and their needs and goals.

Patients in hospital

A mobile exercise physiotherapist will visit patients wherever they are. A typical exercise intervention will include a personalised exercise program, education and advice on health and physical activity, and lifestyle modifications and behavioural changes that can optimise physical function and overall well-being.

Disability exercise physiotherapy in Western Sydney can provide you with an exercise program to suit your needs, whether you have recently been in hospital and require continuing rehabilitation or you would like to work with an Exercise Physiologist to simply improve your health and well-being. A travelling exercise physiologist can benefit you in several ways, including accelerated recovery, prevention of further health concerns, improved management of your existing condition, reduced risk of readmission to hospital, and the convenience of all the benefits in the comfort of your own home.

Where to find NDIS physiotherapy in Western Sydney

At Road to Recovery Exercise Physiology, we offer our services to clients in their own homes. That means that instead of having to come to us, we’ll come to you wherever you are. This service is especially helpful for our patients with disabilities and other conditions that make it difficult to travel as well as those who live in more remote areas without any clinics close to their homes.

Road to Recovery is also registered with NDIS and as such, can provide funded programs for NDIS participants. Ask us about how to access this service if you are receiving support through the NDIS. If you aren’t sure whether you are eligible for NDIS funding, you can learn more here. If you are looking for mobile exercise physiology services, contact Road to Recovery today.