How This Mobile Physio in Parramatta Can Help with Disability Exercise Physiotherapy

As a trained allied health professional, physiologists are able to apply natural physical approaches which help to maintain and restore well-being, especially for those with chronic illness or disabilities. If you have a disability and need exercise or physiotherapy in Parramatta Road to Recovery Exercise Physiology may allow you to get more out of your everyday activities.

Mobile Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy for Those with Disabilities

Millions of Australians live with a disability or chronic illness. While having a physical disability or chronic illness can make getting regular exercise more difficult, this does not mean that individuals living with mobility issues or related problems cannot benefit greatly from regular exercise.

Exercise physiologists are highly knowledgeable in many areas related to both general health and exercise, which makes them an important ally to have when you are trying to manage a disability. But what if a condition causing impaired mobility prevents you from going to a clinic, or otherwise makes travel difficult? That’s where a mobile exercise service for physiology can help. By promoting healthy physical activity in the comfort of your own home, a mobile physio in Parramatta will allow you to reap the many benefits that regular exercise provides.

When a physiologist works with you at your home, you will have the ability to receive exercise therapy that is tailored to your needs, with the added benefit of familiarity and privacy. The physio will be able to evaluate your condition and current level of physical ability to develop an effective treatment plan, which may include one-on-one sessions and supplementary at-home activities you can try to support your mobile disability physiotherapy needs, right here in Parramatta.

What You Should Know About Mobile Disability Physiotherapy in Parramatta

Road to Recovery Exercise Physiology offers in-home services to clients across all levels of ability. Because we understand that a variety of factors can make travel difficult we come directly to you for your physio sessions. This convenient service is an excellent complement to any disability exercise physiotherapy in Parramatta you may already be receiving, or it may serve as an effective treatment plan on its own, depending on your condition and advice from your GP.

In addition to our at-home physiology services which are covered by both NDIS or Medicare, we also offer hydrotherapy that is especially beneficial for those dealing with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including osteoarthritis, and other forms of evidence-based support for your health. To find out more about what Road to Recovery may be able to offer you, contact us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing with you how the simple yet transformative act of exercise with a trained physio may be able to help.