NDIS Physio at Home: Help with Physiotherapy in Parramatta From an Exercise Physiologist

Achieving and maintaining good health requires regular physical activity, which can be challenging if you have a chronic illness, disability or if you are elderly. Having a professional who can come for a home visit for physiotherapy in Parramatta may be just what you need to get started with living a more active life. Here’s more about how Road to Recovery Exercise Physiology may be able to help you.

How to Get Exercise Physio Without Leaving Your Home

Exercise physiologists are allied health professionals who understand the effect that physical activity can have when it comes to a variety of health conditions. While everyone can benefit from having an exercise routine to reduce their chances of heart disease or stroke, those who are recovering from illnesses or who have disabilities may need to incorporate some form of exercise therapy into their daily lives as a way to better manage their health and capacity.

An NDIS exercise physiologist in Parramatta is able to prescribe certain exercise routines or techniques which can help to reduce certain symptoms that are associated with chronic illnesses or disabilities, such as pain, loss of mobility or loss of physical stamina. Because some patients may have difficulty driving or traveling to a clinic, an at-home exercise physio available in Parramatta like Road to Recovery may be the best option for getting started with this healing form of physical activity.

Thanks to our mobile exercise physiology service, patients can better manage their pain or other symptoms with the help of a trained professional without having to leave the comfort of their homes. We can also work with caregivers to educate them and give them the tools they need to help their loved ones live a more active and fulfilling life. It all begins when you reach out to an exercise physio in Parramatta who focuses on this kind of comprehensive, in-home care.

What You Should Know About Getting Home Exercise Physio in Parramatta

Road to Recovery Exercise Physiology is a convenient at-home service that is ideal for patients at all levels of physical ability and at all ages and stages of life. Many of our clients live in areas that are far away from health clinics, or do not have the ability to drive to make appointments. Others simply enjoy the fact they can get an NDIS exercise physiologist to come to their Parramatta home without having to make an extra trip in their day. Our service area includes Parramatta, The Hills, Penrith, Blacktown and other areas in Western Sydney, and is covered under NDIS, DVA and Medicare.

In addition to exercise physiology, our trained staff offer other forms of effective therapy, including hydrotherapy for osteoarthritis and other forms of muscle or joint pain, and private or group exercise sessions aimed at improving overall health and fitness.

To get started with an exercise physio at your Parramatta location, be sure to contact Road to Recovery. A helpful member of our team will be with you shortly to discuss your needs and to answer any questions you may have before you schedule a visit from a physiologist in your home.