The Benefits of Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy for Individuals With a Disability in Penrith

As part of living with a disability, you and your GP may spend time exploring new strategies for improving your comfort and quality of life. One of those strategies may be exercise. However, making a move to begin exercising, especially if you aren’t sure what first steps to take, can be a challenge all its own. At Road to Recovery Exercise Physiology, our mobile team is here to answer your questions, guide you through the process, and make exercising enjoyable again. By bringing access to disability exercise physiotherapy direct to your Penrith home, we can eliminate many of the barriers that otherwise stand in your way.

There are many benefits to reaching out for mobile disability physio services. Chief among them, of course, is the fact that you can work out in an environment that’s safe and private. You can work one on one with your physiologist, asking questions and making progress without the pressure of a public setting. Among other core benefits are those that come from the actual act of exercising itself. Not only does exercise contribute to a more positive mental outlook, but the confidence you gain from experiencing advances can make a significant difference, too.

You may be eligible to use the NDIS to access disability exercise physiotherapy in your Penrith; please consult our page for further information. Have questions about NDIS eligibility, or want to make arrangements to begin using our services? Contact us at your convenience, and we will happily help you.