Why you shouldn’t stop exercising over the holidays!

    It’s a wonderful time of year, and in between family lunches, work parties and social events, its easy to forget the importance of exercise and health over this time. Christmas is a time of celebration however Australia is faced by some serious health concerns. More than two thirds of our population are overweight or obese […]

    Falls prevention in the Elderly – putting yourself on the right path

    Falls can happen to anyone at any point in their lives, however as we age falls become more and more common, and the risk of serious injury as a result significantly increases also.  Falls are a major health issue with 1 in 3 community dwelling older adults experiencing at least one fall every year, with even […]

    The Science and Benefits of Hydrotherapy

    This form of exercise could be for you! But first, what is hydrotherapy and how does it work? Hydrotherapy or aquatic exercise as it is also known, refers to a specific type of treatment involving exercising in water. Hydrotherapy can be used to help improve one’s mobility, both pre and post-surgery as well as allowing […]

    The Miracle Pill called Exercise

    Health is a hot topic as of late with everyone becoming more and more health conscious. This has lead to the media becoming saturated with the newest drug or product that everyone must have to ‘change your life’ and ‘improve your health’, leaving everyone overwhelmed, wondering what the best thing that they can do to […]