Take Advantage of a Mobile Aged Care Physio Option in Penrith

Has your GP recently told you that you could benefit from more exercise in your life? For seniors hearing this for the first time, it can leave you wondering how you’re meant to comply with such directions. For injuries or chronic conditions for which exercise has been identified as a potential treatment, the

benefits make it an activity worth exploring. At Road to Recovery Exercise Physiology, we’ve developed our service to help you answer both the “how” and “where” when it comes to adding more exercise to your life. How? We offer mobile aged care physio to Penrith residents like you.

With an affordable and flexible mobile physio service you can easily access an exercise program that works for your lifestyle. Our trained and friendly professionals will visit your home and work alongside you to develop an exercise plan that works in sync with your doctor’s recommendations. Whether it is a series of progressively longer stretches, light cardio, or strength training, we’ll keep you comfortable as we explore the benefits of “working out” together.

We invite you to learn about the team we use to deliver mobile aged care physio services to Penrith. Each of us is passionate about providing our patients with the highest standard of care possible. To enquire about Road to Recovery, please use our contact form.